Quicksilver Messenger Service

Quicksilver Messenger Service was formed in 1965 and was one of the leading acts on the San Francisco psychedelic scene. Who actually started Quicksilver seems to be in dispute; according to John Cipollina, it was Dino Valente’s idea, but the day after they discussed it, Valente was busted on drug-related charges and spent the next two years in jail. At any rate, the original members consisted of Gary Duncan, John Cipollina, Jim Murray, David Frieberg, and Greg Elmore. Murray dropped out shortly after the group played the Monterey Pop Festival in June 1967, and Valente joined in 1969 after being released from jail and having a less-than-successful solo career. Although not as successful as their contemporaries, the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver released a number of albums, many of which ranked in the Top 30 on the Billboard charts.

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