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Whether you have just a few concert posters or hundreds, we are always interested in purchasing collections or accumulations of the posters we sell. We are the strongest buyers in the country of this type of poster, and we find that over 99% of our offers are accepted.

As a rule, we are always interested in:

  • Bill Graham Presents posters, postcards, and handbills;
  • Family Dog Series posters, postcards, and handbills;
  • Art of Rock posters and handbills;
  • Grande Ballroom posters, handbills and postcards;
  • Original Acid Test posters and handbills; and
  • Other interesting posters and handbills from the 60s and early 70s.

We don’t have an interest in:

  • Heavily damaged material, unless it is really rare;
  • Posters that do not advertise a concert;
  • Postcards if they have tape or tack holes;
  • Headshop posters;
  • Blacklight Posters;
  • Posters with a picture of a famous personality;
  • Bootleg or counterfeit items.

At Classic Posters, we offer two great ways to help you sell your collection:

We can purchase your collection outright.
In this case, we’ll need a list of the items you wish to sell. If we determine that we have an interest, the next step is to ship the items to us for our generous same-day cash offer. If you accept the offer, we will send payment immediately. Should you decline our offer, we’ll ship the items back to you at our expense. Please note that we will not attempt to determine what your items are worth without seeing them; there are simply too many variables involved. Please do not ship any items without talking to us first. If you choose to send us items without our permission, we will not return them unless you incude return postage.

We can sell your items at auction. This option is limited to items with an individual value over $100 and does not usually include the more common Bill Graham, Family Dog or Art of Rock items. We strive to include an assortment of the rare and unusual in each auction, and we welcome consignments of such material. As with each option, we will need to know what you wish to consign prior to sending it to us. We are currently hosting four auctions per year. We have the largest active mailing list in the industry and actively promote each auction in many different areas. Because of this, our auctions consistently produce results that no other company can match. Unlike those big auction conglomerates in Texas and New York, we specialize in only vintage Rock ‘n’ Roll memorabilia, thus assuring you of the most exposure and highest prices for your items.

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