Fillmore Auditorium 4/7-9/67

This poster is chartreuse, yellow-green, and red on a purple background. The central image is a nude figure drawn with her hands extended, palms out and fingers down—a widely recognized gesture of openness. Openness was one of the most important principles of the “hippie value system.” Because this poster was unusually long, it is difficult to find examples that are not torn at either the top or the bottom.

The original poster was printed on white index stock and measures approximately 13¾″ x 24¾″.

The postcard comes in three varieties, all of which measure approximately 5″ x 8″:

The Type A card has a “place stamp here” reverse.

The Type B card has a bulk rate permit on the back.

The Type C card has a bulk rate permit on the back, and was addressed and sent to people on the mailing list.


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Original Poster

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