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B elow you will find links to pages that may be of interest to collectors of Fillmore-era posters.

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Eric King’s Home Page

Eric King is considered by most people to be the ultimate authority on posters from the Fillmore Era. Eric publishes an indispensable book that can be ordered from his website. In addition, for $30-50 per item, plus return postage, Eric will authenticate any Bill Graham, Family Dog, or Grande Ballroom item. Be sure to check out this important resource.

Click here to visit the home page of Eric King.

The Rock Poster Society

The Rock Poster Society is the planet’s largest organized group of rock poster collectors, artists, and dealers. TRPS (as we are known and pronounced like “trips”) is an eclectic, non-profit, non-denominational, committed and focused volunteer group who have as their common bond an overriding joy in the art of the rock poster, be it Fillmore and Avalon, punk, boxing style, off-the-wall or just plain bonafide out-there.

Click here to visit the Rock Poster Society.

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