AOR Series 1

The Art of Rock Numbered Poster Series, AOR 1.101 to AOR 4.273, derives from the book titled The Art of Rock by Paul Grushkin, which contains 516 pages with more than 1,500 color illustrations and 100 black-and-white photographs. It is the primary reference book for collectors of classic rock posters.

With a forward written by Bill Graham, The Art of Rock presents a visual history of the rock concert poster. It looks at The Roots: 1955-1965; The Psychedelic Years in San Francisco: 1965-1971; The Psychedelic Years in Southern California and the Rest of the World: 1965-1971; The Poster Mainstream: 1969-1987; and The New Music: 1976-1987.

The AOR Series is divided into four sections: each corresponds to its section in the Grushkin book. Posters are numbered according to the book section they appear in, e.g., posters in Section 1 are numbered 1.1, 1.122; posters in Section 2 are numbered 2.2, 2.39, etc. Illustrations in Paul Grushkin’s The Art of Rock include the BG, FD, and NR Series, as well as hundreds of other posters from across the country and around the world. The AOR Numbered Series is a unique and highly collectible poster series.

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