San Francisco State College 9/30/66

Catalog No. MSC-SFT.1966.09.30

This handbill is from San Francisco State College and was used to promote the SFSC Acid Test known as “Whatever It Is” on September 30, 1966. The Grateful Dead, Mimi Farina, The Only Alternative, Committee, Wildflower, The Final Solution, The SF Mime Troupe, Congress of Wonders, Demon Lover, and others performed at this event. The SFSC Acid Test was quite an event and was held in several different places on the campus. Ken Kesey came up from Mexico to attend, escorted by several of the Hell’s Angels, and he made numerous broadcasts from SFSC’s underground radio broadcast booth. This was the last legal Acid Test; LSD was made a controlled substance on October 6, 1966. All in all, this is a highly important item for those interested in the history of LSD and the Acid Tests.

The original handbill was printed on white stock and measures approximately 8" x 8".


Original Handbill

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Original Handbill
Condition: Near Mint
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