Carnegie Chapter Hall, New York, NY 11/4/61

Catalog No. MSO-CAR.1961.11.04

This rare handbill/program advertised Bob Dylan's first concert, which was held at the Carnegie Chapter Hall in New York on November 4, 1961. While billed as Dylan's "first New York Concert," it was actually Dylan's first concert anywhere. Dylan had arrived in New York on January 21, 1961 and played at clubs like Gerdes Folk City. His first real break was a two-week gig opening for John Lee Hooker at Gerdes. Izzy Young presented Dylan for this show at Carnegie Chapter Hall, a 200-seat venue. It is reported that all of 53 people attended, something that would change rapidly. This program/handbill was distributed by Young prior to the show to boost attendance. It features a biographical bit on Dylan, from an interview given to Young. In that interview, Dylan claimed he got his start playing in carnivals, was given a scholarship to the University of Minnesota, and grew up in Gallup, New Mexico - all untrue and given by Dylan for effect.

The original handbill was printed on thin paper and measures approximately 8½” x 11”.


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