Grande Ballroom 7/14 & 15/67

Catalog No. DET-GBR.1967.07.14

As any collector of Grande Ballroom items knows, some things are nearly impossible to find. This rare handbill fits that description perfectly. This colorful handbill was designed by Donnie Forsyth, a.k.a. “Donnie Dope,” and it is a beautiful example of his art. During this time period at the Grande, there were no posters being printed; these handbills were the only advertising. All of the handbills of this era were printed on very thin paper and it is surprising that any survived the ravages of time.

This image is known as G/G-670714 in Eric King’s book.

This image is known as number 36 in the Henkel numbering system.

The original handbill is green, black, and purple and measures approximately 8″ x 11″.

A forgery of the handbill exists that is printed on blue paper in black ink.

Original Handbill

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Original Handbill
Condition: Near Mint -
Notes: Minor handling



Pirate Handbill
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