Fillmore East 12/31/69

Catalog No. MOD-MAR.1996.01.01

This rare commemorative poster of Jimi Hendrix’s famed 1969 Fillmore East appearance was designed by Mark Arminski in 1996. Arminski changed the concert date to December 31 as opposed to the correct date of May 10. The design was apparently not approved by the Hendrix estate because this poster was never issued. We have seen very few of these and most carry the inscription at the bottom “For Approval Only—Not to be Distributed or Sold“. While they were clearly distributed to some extent, none that we have seen have been signed or numbered by Arminski. It’s a shame that not many of these beautiful pieces are available because they certainly rival the poster David Byrd originally made for the event.

The original Type 1 poster was printed on white stock and measures approximately 15½" x 21". This type does not have the approval credit.

The original Type 2 poster was printed on white stock and measures approximately 18½" x 25½". This type carries the approval credit.


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Original Poster - Type 2
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