Red Dog Saloon, Virginia City, NV 6/1-15/65

Catalog No. AOR-2.2

Known as “The Seed,” this poster is the granddaddy of psychedelic posters. It was designed by Charlatans members George Hunter and Michael Ferguson to advertise the opening of the Charlatans at the Red Dog Saloon in Virginia City, Nevada in June 1965. This poster, known as AOR 2.2, is the original version with the dates of June 1-15, 1965. In fact, the opening was delayed and a second poster was created with the correct date shown as opening June 21 - that poster is known as AOR 2.1.

This poster was printed in both black and blue ink - the blue ink variety seems to be a bit more commonly seen, but both types are quite scarce, especially in higher levels of preservation.

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