Winterland 3/3/67

Catalog No. AOR-2.194

During the mid 60s, many unusual events were staged at various venues in San Francisco. Some were large events that were well run, and some were so obscure that they have faded into music history. The First Annual Love Circus was one such event. Held at Winterland with an all-star lineup that played from 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM, the Love Circus also offered such entertainment as body and face painting.

The original poster for this show is exceedingly rare, and the handbill doesn’t fall far behind. The handbill we offer here is the finest we’ve seen, and we have only seen a few.

This original handbill was printed on yellow paper with red ink and measures approximately 5″ x 8⅝″.

Original Handbill

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Original Handbill
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