Grande Ballroom 12/15-17/67

This image is known as G/G-671215 in Eric King’s book; number 58 in the Henkel numbering system; and number 14 under the commonly used postcard numbering system.

The original poster was printed on white stock and measures approximately 13″ x 22″.

There are also a few uncut posters known to exist that measure 17" x 22".

There are two different types of original postcards:

The Type A card has a blank back and measures approximately 4⅜″ x 7⅝″.

The Type B card has a “Grande Ballroom” and “Place Stamp Here” imprint on the back in black ink and measures approximately 4⅜″ x 7⅝″.


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Original Poster

Original Poster

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Postcard - Type B

Postcard - Type B

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