Led Zeppelin Fillmore Era Concert Posters


Led Zeppelin Seattle Center Coliseum 1970

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Date: September 1, 1970
Printer: Exit Art

This Led Zeppelin concert poster was printed for the Seattle Center Coliseum in Seattle,Washington held on September 1, 1970. The concert was put on by Concerts West who was was a top rock promoter in the 1960s and 1970s. Though the poster features a Union Jack flag and does not feature a photo of the band. The poster was designed by Exit Art – a local seattle based company.

Led Zeppelin Pacific Coliseum 1971

Vancouver, Canada
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Date: August 19, 1971
Poster: Thin Paper Stock
Artist: Kerry Waghorn

This is a clssic Led Zeppelin 1971 vintage fillmore era concert poster from the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver,Canada. Local artist Kerry Waghorn produced this poster. He later create one more poster for the band.This poster was printed in Vancouver on a thin paper stock and features both a drawing of the band and a blimp. The following year, Zeppelin came back to Vancouver and Waghorn was commissioned to create the concert poster.

led Zeppelin Swing Auditorium Concert Poster 1969

San Bernadino, California
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Date: August 24, 1969
Poster: Thin Paper
Size: 11"x17"
Printer: Locally

This is an early Led Zeppelin concert poster for the Swing Auditorium in San Bernadino, California on August 8, 1969. Jethro Tull shared the stage with Led Zeppelin. The poster is smaller than most posters of its day with an interesting graphics element in the center. The poster was printed locally and on very thin paper. It measures approximately 11×17.

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