Avalon Ballroom 10/28-29/66

This poster, known as “The Chicken on the Unicycle,” was designed by Victor Moscoso and represents what may be the pinnacle of strangeness on these psychedelic posters. The central image is a drawing of a rooster riding a unicycle. In the four corners are similar drawings of other birds riding a bicycle, a skateboard, a tricycle, and a scooter. This poster was printed twice, once before and once after the shows, but the two groups are indistinguishable and all are considered to be originals.

The original poster was printed on vellum and measures approximately 14″ x 20″. There is some variation of color from lighter to darker in the press runs.

The original handbill was printed on thin paper and measures approximately 8″ x 11″.

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Original Poster

Original Poster

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Original Handbill

Original Handbill

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