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Janis Joplin University of Michigan Concert Poster 1969

Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Date: March 15, 1969
Poster: Thick Poster Board
Size: 28"x22"
Printer: Allan Reid Artist

This unusual Janis Joplin concert poster was for the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor concert held on March 15, 1969. The Joplin poster was designed by the local artist Allan Reid. The concert post is unique because it horizontal design. It measure 28 x 22 inches. The poster features a gorgeous silhouette of Janis with the Ann Arbor skyline in the background. The poster is designed on thick poster board and features a gorgeous powder blue and orange color combination.


Janis Joplin San Antonio Hemisphere Arena Concert Poster 1969

San Antonio, Texas
$3,000 Cash For Janis Joplin
Concert Posters
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Date: November 21, 1969
Poster: cardboard
Size: 22"x28"
Printer: Jim Franklin Artist

This Janis Joplin poster was for a concert that never happened nevertheless it is indeed a very attractive poster. The 1969 janis concert was to be held at the Hemisphere Arena in San Antonio, Texas. The poster measures approximately 22×28 and is printed on thin paper stock. The poster features gorgeous pastel colors and was designed by world famous texas poster artist Jim Franklin.

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