Various Venues 1/1/71

Catalog No. MSO-TRF.1971.01.01

Gunther Kieser created this wonderful promotional poster for Traffic in 1971. Kieser was the preeminent European poster artist of the late 1960s and early 1970s and is responsible for numerous other great works. Kieser is perhaps most famous for his Jimi Hendrix poster from the Stuttgart, Germany show in 1969. These posters were printed in West Germany and distributed by Darien House in New York.This is a very large poster that is printed on very thin paper and, as such, is usually found with a fair amount of damage. 

The original poster was printed on white stock and measures approximately 23½" x 33"


Original Poster

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Original Poster
Condition: Near Mint/Near Mint -
Notes: Light handling common to these thin paper posters
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