Fillmore Auditorium San Francisco, CA 11/4-6/66

Catalog No. MSC-FIL.1966.11.05

This beautiful poster was unknown until recently! In May 2009, one of these appeared in an auction and sold for just under $4,500. In that auction, the description said that they had never seen one of these before. We sold the second one in our November 2009 auction - that piece brought $4250.

The posters emanate from the gentleman that was the student activities manager at San Francisco State College in 1966. Two standout events were the Edwardian Ball and "Whatever it is"-the Acid Test event he recruited Stewart Brand and the Merry Pranksters to stage. The Edwardian Ball poster that is widely known was commissioned by him and designed by Stanley Mouse. This poster is pictured in the “Art of Rock” as number 2.81 and is beautiful, but it only lists the Homecoming dance that was held at the Fillmore on Sunday.

The poster we offer here was designed by Royce Vaughn after a drawing by Jean Du Bouillier and shows the events for the entire Homecoming weekend. These were intended for on-campus use and were printed in the college bookshop, along with handbills bearing the same design. I am told that a very small quantity of the posters were printed, along with two different handbill versions. These posters and handbills were intended for campus PR and were not distributed beyond the campus. Once the event was concluded, the people working on it took home the remaining few posters and handbills.

Whenever an unknown item in Mint condition appears on the market, there is cause for concern that there may be a giant hoard-such is not the case with this poster. There were a total of six posters that were kept by the former activites manager, including the copy sold in May, the one we sold at auction and the one we offer for sale here. The handbills are even scarcer-there are only three of these known.

The Original poster was printed on goldenrod stock and measures approximately 11 ½" x 17 ½".

The Original handbill was printed on green stock and measures approximately 11" x 8 ½".

Original Poster

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Original Poster
Condition: Near Mint -
Notes: A slight depression in the lower quarter of the poster as well as a very faint crease across the upper portion.



Original Handbill
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