Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY 10/22-31/80

Catalog No. MSO-RCM.1980.10.22

This is the famous Grateful Dead poster that was banned by the Radio City Music Hall folks because they thought that it was bad for their image. The poster features a pair of skeletons leaning against the front of Radio City with a long line of people waiting to get in to hear the concert.

This poster has been extensively bootlegged and most copies are bogus. The number of these sold on eBay in a month probably exceeds the original printing! There are some small printing flaws unique to the originals, as well as a slight difference in color. The only way for someone who is not familiar with this poster to tell the difference is to compare it to an original proof sheet. We have included a photograph of a bootleg so that you may see that there is substatial color difference that may help you steer clear of one.

As always, we do not sell bootlegs or other unauthorized reproductions. The posters we sell are the “real deal.”

The original poster was printed on thick white stock and measures approximately 21⅜″ x 27⅜″.

The original proof sheet was printed on thick white stock and measures approximately 23″ x 29″.



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Original Proof Sheet



Original Poster
Condition: Near Mint
Notes: Superb and as nice as these come. Most importantly, it is the real thing!



Pirate Poster
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