Jimi Hendrix Poster 1/1/67

Catalog No. MSO-MSP.1967.01.01

Designed by Martin Sharp in early 1968, this great image is based on a photograph of Hendrix taken by Linda Eastman, later the wife of Paul McCartney. Eastman took the photo at a concert held as part of the Rheingold Central Park Music Festival in NEw York on July 5, 1967. Of all the Hendrix images out there, we think this one really captures the true Jimi—it’s simply amazing! This famous image was chosen as the cover design for the book Get on Down - A Decade of Rock and Roll Posters, edited by Mick Farren. This poster is very large and it was printed on a fairly thin stock, so many examples have condition issues and damage.


The original poster was printed on thin white stock and measures 27⅝" x 36⅝". While there are numerous versions of this poster, the ones we offer were printed by Big O for distruibution through their U.S. outlet and have the printing credit in white. Beware of bootlegs of this image as they abound!

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Original Poster
Condition: Near Mint
Notes: Very fresh and clean!
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