Sacramento Memorial Auditorium 12/3/65

Catalog No. MSC-SMA.1965.12.03

This 1965 Rolling Stones show is quite famous because Keith Richards was nearly electrocuted during the performance. As the Stones launched into The Last Time at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, Richards bumped his guitar into a microphone stand - ordinarily not a big deal - except this particular stand happened to be ungrounded, creating an electrical surge that unleashed a shower of sparks and left Richards unconscious on the floor. According to bassist Bill Wyman, "All his guitar strings were severed, and the ends curled up, melted like fuse wire."Richards recovered and the Stones took the stage the next night in San Jose. As an early Stones piece, these are extremely rare.

This handbill was printed on white stock and measures approximately 5½” x 8½”.


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