Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, NV 1/1/94

Catalog No. MOD-KOZ.1994.01.01

Frank Sinatra at the Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, Nevada

Even though 200 copies were signed and numbered, this poster was not officially issued as the SInatra estate never cleared it for publication. Nevertheless, a handful of these were sold by the publisher and show up from time to time. Between 160-175 of these did not get released, making this the rarest Kozik poster by far.

This poster was printed on white stock and measures approximately 25 ½ “ x 38“.

Printed in a signed and numbered edition of 200 pieces.

Also known as 94-50 in the Kozik series



Original Poster

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Original Poster
Condition: Near Mint
Notes: Signed and numbered by Frank Kozik
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