Honolulu International Center 7/25-27/69

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The “Hawaiian Aoxomoxoa” poster is probably the most sought-after psychedelic poster, as well as one of the rarest.

This poster was designed by Rick Griffin for a series of shows that were to be held at the Honolulu International Center’s Exhibit Hall. Unfortunately, the shows were canceled, the printer was never paid, and most of the posters were destroyed. Estimates vary, but the consensus seems to be that there are probably 20 to 25 original posters known in all conditions. Due to the poster’s popularity, a second printing was authorized. It has also been bootlegged a number of times-to the extent that there are always several for sale on Ebay.

The original poster was printed on white stock and measures approximately 16″ x 28″. The original has a black border and the printing quality is quite high.

The second print poster was printed in 1982 by Rick Griffin and Jose Kent. It was printed on thin, glossy stock and measures approximately 12″ x 20″. On the authorized second print, the top of the skull and the area in the center of the yellow sun are pure white. In addition, the left edge of the design is not straight in two areas. One is midway down the edge and the other is near the bottom.

There are several forgeries of this poster commonly seen on Ebay. All measure approximately 12″ x 20″ and all are printed on glossy stock, which is thicker than the true second print. These forgeries are usually offered at a “buy it now” price in the range of $15-30, but we have seen many of these bring as much as $150 when offered as second prints (usually by the same seller).

One has a yellow tint to the top of the skull, but has a pure white center to the sun. The left edge is straight and the glossy paper is of a medium thickness.

Another forgery has a gray area in the right hand part of the skull and a pure white center to the sun. The left edge of this forgery is straight and it was printed on a medium glossy stock.

The last forgery has a gray area in the skull and a pinkish tint to the center of the sun.

In short, if you are buying one of these off of Ebay for what seems to be a bargain price, you are probably going to receive a forgery. If you want the ″real deal″ be prepared to pay accordingly.



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