California Hall 2/22-26/67

Catalog No. MSC-CAH.1967.02.22

While not exactly a concert poster, this event took place at the California Hall, home of many musical events of the time. We include it here as it advertises a play by Michael McClure called “The Beard.” The Beard was also performed at the Fillmore and is included on the BG-19 poster in that series. The opening night of this play was a benefit for the ACLU, with part of the proceeds going to that organization. While we have not seen a reprint of this piece, it should be noted that the originals have a printing credit at the bottom that reads “The Bindweed Press, San Francisco.”

The original poster was printed on white vellum and measures approximately 14″ x 19⅞″.

The original handbill was printed on white stock and measures approximately 8 1/2" x 11".


Original Poster

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Original Poster
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Original Handbill
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