The Fillmore 12/19-20/69

Catalog No. AOR-4.58

Designed by Lightyear Studios, this gorgeous handbill was used for a pair of shows at the New Old Fillmore in December 1969. The Grateful Dead headlined, while Oceola, Jef Jaisun and The Rhythm Dukes provided the opening acts. The Rhythm Dukes were originally Jerry Miller and Don Stevenson of Moby Grape, along with John Barrett (bass) and John 'Fuzzy' Oxendine (drums) of Boogie.

The original handbill was printed on white stock and measures approximately 8½" x 11".

Original Handbill

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Original Handbill
Condition: CGC Grade 9.8 Near Mint/Mint
Notes: Superb and quite rare as such. A recent auction record of $4000!
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