Promotional Poster 1/1/86

Catalog No. MOD-PCL-04

This poster was used to promote the band The Damned and was produced in 1986. The poster was produced by Artrock in San Francisco. According to the former owner of Artrock, "This poster is one of the first that Artrock published, and came right after the Siouxsie and R.E.M. The artwork is by Lee Conklin, famed 60s poster artist, who did a lot of work for the Fillmore/Bill Graham series. He is perhaps best known for his lion/two women black and white image from the Santana album. This poster was done for the Damned, and Lee Conklin had me publish a large William Blake image which Lee then reworked over and over again to produce the artwork for this piece".

The original poster was printed on white stock and measures approximately 22'" x 28".

Original Poster

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Original Poster
Condition: Near Mint
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