Fillmore Auditorium 6/9-10/67

Catalog No. BG-67

This gorgeous Bonnie MacLean poster for The Doors and the Jim Kweskin Jug Band is printed in black and dark magenta ink on a dark tan background. The central image is a bird’s head and claws surrounding a crowd of faces. Except for occasional special event posters, this was the last poster for The Fillmore printed separately. It is also the last Fillmore card mailed separately. From this point on almost all were printed in pairs. This is the first Fillmore poster announcing an appearance by The Doors on which the band received top billing.

The original poster was printed on white index stock and measures approximately 14″ x 23″.

The postcard comes in three varieties, all of which measure approximately 4⅝″ x 8″:

The Type A card has a “place stamp here” reverse.

The Type B card has a bulk rate permit on the back.

The Type C card has a bulk rate permit on the back, and was addressed and sent to people on the mailing list.


Original Poster

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Original Proof Sheet
Condition: Near Mint
Notes: A bit of as-printed offset ink on the back.



Original Poster
Condition: Very Fine +
Notes: Small corner creases; a 3/8" split in the right edge.



Postcard - Type A
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