Winterland 12/31/78

Catalog No. AOR-4.38

This poster, commonly known as the “Blue Rose,” was created to mark the end of an era-the closing of Winterland in San Francisco. The Grateful Dead, as well as the Blues Brothers and the New Riders of the Purple Sage appeared in this New Year’s show. This is one of the classic posters of the era and is a worthy addition to any collection.

The posters we offer are all originals, not the poor-quality bootlegs commonly seen on eBay. The bootlegs are printed on a low-quality paper stock and display a difference in color. The best way to tell the “real deal” from the bootleg is to examine the yellow area between the snow and the blue sky to the left and right of the rose. On the original this area is bright yellow in color, but on the bootleg it appears much darker and in a muddy brown color.

The original poster was printed on thick, high-quality index stock and measures approximately 20″ x 28″.

A poster was created in 2003 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the closing of Winterland. The design is similar to the original Blue Rose poster, but the size and format are different. Printed in an edition of 500 pieces, these posters measure 23¾" x 28".

The original handbill was printed on the same high-quality index stock and measures approximately 5″ x 7″. On the reverse is a farewell message from Bill Graham and the Winterland employees.


Original Poster

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Original Poster
Condition: Near Mint
Notes: Signed in gold ink by Mouse and Kelley. Gorgeous!



Second Print Poster
Condition: Near Mint
Notes: Signed by Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley



Original Handbill
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