The Downs at Santa Fe 10/17/82

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This poster is one of the most popular’and yet most misunderstood’of the Grateful Dead posters. Somehow, a rumor got started that claimed that the posters with no ticket strip were reprints and that the only originals were those which included the ticket outlet strip. Consequently, people have been afraid to purchase the version without the ticket strip.

Information received from the artist, Dennis Larkins, should put this rumor to rest. The contents of a letter from him follow:

There are two versions of this poster in the sense that they were all printed at the same time but only a small number were left with the ticket info along the bottom to be used promotionally in the local advertising period before the show. I remember that Santa Fe was plastered with them (I lived there at the time) on telephone poles, in store windows, etc. I assume Albuquerque got the same treatment. I don't know how many were used this way but most were either trashed or stolen in the process resulting in this version being the rarest, even then. Most of the printing had the bottom trimmed off and were offered for sale at the show. I don't recall the amount of total production nor do I know how many were sold on the day of the show. Nevertheless, this was a low production poster, at best. This same design was also used for an event t-shirt and even made its way onto bandanas. I remember the Dead sold these items in their catalogue for some time after the event but not the poster as they were either all sold at the concert or the remainder distributed among the promoter's friends and participants. There has certainly never been another printing of this poster or bootleg copy (unlike my “Radio City” poster).

If you’d like to know more, let me know.


Dennis Larkins

The poster we offer for sale is the type without the ticket strip. This original poster was printed on white stock in black ink and measures approximately 16″ x 21″.

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