Shrine Auditorium 12/18/67

Catalog No. AOR-3.52

This “Art of Rock” image was designed by an artist named Gut. Gut was also a former president of the San Bernardino Chapter of the Hells Angels and the band manager for Blue Cheer.

Both the posters and handbills come in two versions, one with a printed strip up the side that reads “Direct From San Francisco,” and one where the strip has been trimmed off.

The original poster was printed on white stock. The version with the strip (Type 1) measures approximately 14″ x 20″. The version without the strip (Type 2) measures approximately 12″ x 20″.

The original handbill exists in two versions; both were printed on white stock and measure approximately 8″ x 11″:

Type A has the “Direct From San Francisco” strip printed on the right side.

Type B has no printed strip.


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Original Poster - Type 1



Original Handbill - Type A
Condition: Near Mint
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