Longshoreman's Hall 10/16/65

Catalog No. AOR-2.8

This prohibitively rare image advertises the first event promoted by the Family Dog at Longshoreman’s Hall. Ellen Harmon, one of the original four partners in the Family Dog collective, was an avid reader of Marvel comic books and helped dedicate the first dance to “Dr. Strange,” Master of the Mystic Arts. The comic book theme continued through the next two dances, known as “A Tribute to Sparkle Plenty” and “A Tribute to Ming the Merciless,” both 1940s comic book characters. Alton Kelley, also an original Family Dog partner, executed the artwork for all three handbills.

The original poster was printed on white cardboard in black ink and measures approximately 14" x18". Some of these were hand colored by members of the Family Dog collective. Either version is rare.

There was also a hand pulled silk screen made for this event that is extremely rare. These were printed on very thin stock and measure approximately 26” x 35½”.

The original handbill was printed on five different colors of paper; white, blue, blue-green, yellow and orange. All measure approximately 8½" x 11" and are quite rare.

Original Poster

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Original Poster



Original Handbill - Type A



Original Handbill - Type C
Condition: Very Fine
Notes: As nice as we have seen. There are four bits of tape residue on the back corners and some paper stuck to the back that is from being glued into an album. This paper could be removed if desired. Extremely rare and the first we have handled in many years.



Original Handbill - Type D
Condition: Near Mint -
Notes: An absolutely superb example of this rarity! There is a very faint tape pull in both the upper and lower borders - other than that, this beauty is solid near mint and certainly one of the finest examples of a Doctor Strange handbill we have seen, regardless of color. Authenticated on the back by Eric King.
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