Blushing Peony Store Advertisement 1967

Catalog No. NR-17

This poster was printed as a store advertisement for the Blushing Peony and is one of many posters in the Neon Rose series that is not musically related.

The Type 1 original poster was printed on white index stock and measures approximately 14″ x 20″.

The Type 2 original poster was printed on glossy, coated stock and measures approximately 10″ x 14″. At some point in the later 60s, the Blushing Peony cut off the left border and bottom border of some of these, thereby removing the address. On these trimmed copies, a drawing of a woman in chains was printed on the reverse along with an ad for the new location of the Blushing Peony.


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Original Poster - Type 1
Condition: Near Mint
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