Great Highway 8/15-17/69

Catalog No. MSC-GHY.1969.08.15

This interesting design was produced both as a poster and handbill. The poster was printed using a split fountain technique for the background and is blue at the top, going to green, then yellow and finally orange at the bottom. The design features a young woman in a dress standing in a breaking wave. The lettering at the top was done so that it appears to be clouds above the ocean.

The original poster was printed on white stock and measures approximately 13⅞″ x 22⅝″.

The original handbill was produced in five different types, all of which measure approximately 5″ x 8″.

The Type A handbill was printed on white stock.

The Type B handbill was printed on yellow stock.

The Type C handbill was printed on lavender stock.

The Type D handbill was printed on pink stock.

The Type E handbill was printed on green-blue stock.

Original Handbill

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Original Poster



Original Handbill - Type D
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