California Hall 1/8/66

This rare item is listed in Eric King’s guide as FD-IV-OHB-A and is one of the earlier items from the psychedelic scene. The handbill was used to promote a one-day show at the California Hall that featured Jefferson Airplane and The Charlatans. A poster was not printed for this event and the handbills are extremely rare. There is a 1990s forgery of this item, so care is advised when purchasing this handbill. In general, the forgery is of poor print quality and easily identifiable when it is compared to an authentic piece. Unfortunately, the forgery is a good enough to fool people who do not have a genuine handbill to compare to it.

The original handbill was printed on beige paper in black ink and measures approximately 8" x 11".

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Original Handbill

Original Handbill

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