Grande Ballroom 8/11-12/67

Catalog No. DET-GBR.1967.08.11

Dating from August 1967, this is probably the most common Grande Ballroom handbill, but it is very popular because it features the Grateful Dead. The handbill was designed by Donnie Dope and was originally used for a pair of shows on August 2 and 3. The dates were changed prior to the show and reprinted on the right edge. At the same time, the Dead was added to the show and its name was printed on the left side.

This image is known as G/G-670811 in Eric King’s book.

This image is known as number 40 in the Henkel numbering system.

The original handbill was printed in red ink on light green/gray stock and measures approximately 8″ x 12⅜″.



Original Handbill

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Original Handbill
Condition: Near Mint
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