The Doors Fillmore Era Style Concert Posters


Jim Morrison And The Doors Sacramento State Fairgrounds Concert Poster 1967

Sacramento, California
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Date: July 14, 1967
Poster: thick stock paper
Size: 17"x22"

The Doors played in Sacramento for the first time in July 14, 1967 at the Sacramento State Fair Grounds. By all accounts the concert was on a hot, sweltering night and was a tremendous performance. What is interesting to note about this poster is that it sponsored by White Star Tuna. A concert goer could gain admission by bringing Tuna can labels. The poster features great, trippy art of mermaids and is printed on thick stock paper. The same design was used for the Balboa Stadium in San Diego. However, the San Diego concert was sponsored by Chicken of the Sea not White Star.


The Doors Shrine Auditorium Los Angeles Concert Poster 1967

Los Angeles, California
$3,000 Cash For The Doors
Concert Posters
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Date: December 22-23, 1967
Poster: Medium Stock Paper
Artist: R Meeker

This vintage Doors concert poster is for the Shrine Auditorium performance in Los Angeles on December 22-23, 1967. The artwork was done by R Meeker. This is the only time the Doors played the Shrine. Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company, Buffalo Springfield played the Shrine in the 1960s. The poster is black and white and was printed on medium stock paper and features some cool artwork and a collage with early Doors promo pictures.

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