Fillmore Era Concert Posters

Bill Graham created two venues where the biggest rock acts of the 1960s and early 1970s played. The Fillmore West was opened in San Francisco in the 1960s during the height of the San Francisco rock music scene. The Great Dead played there sixty-four times. In 1970, Graham opened the Fillmore East. The Fillmore is so prominent in the music scene it created a unique form of poster art to advertise its shows. The art concept is an extension of the boxing style concert poster mixed in with psychedelic elements used by San Francisco graphic artists. The posters have a picture of the band combined with psychedelic lettering and page layout. The poster included the venue name, show date, and ticket pricing information to advertise the forthcoming show. Most Fillmore era posters were printed locally. Some of the artwork was provided by local poster artists like Dail Beeghly and Charles Brandywynn.


The Cream
New Haven Arena

New Haven, Connecticut
$2,000 for Original New Haven 1960s Concert Posters
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Date: October 11, 1968

New Haven had a lively rock n roll scene in the 60s with the Cream, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and The Doors playing the local venues. Eric Clapton and The Cream played the arena on October 11, 1968. The Cream poster featured a great silkscreened image of the band surrounded by deep rich colors.


Grateful Dead and The Riders of the Purple Sage Seattle Center Arena Concert Poster 1971

Seattle, Washington
$2,000 Grateful Dead Concert Poster
Call 303-670-3212

Date: January 24, 1971
Poster: Heavy Cardboard
Size: 14"x22"
Printer: Washington Poster Company

Here is a vintage concert poster of the Grateful Dead and New Riders of the Purple Sage show on January 24, 1971 at the Seattle Center Arena. This dayglo orange concert poster is a good mix between boxing and fillmore era styles of the day. It was printed by the Washington Poster Company and features a great photo of the Dead. This poster was used for at least 3 locations – the Seattle Center Coliseum, the Portland Paramount Theatre and the Vancouver Pacific National Exhibition (PNE).


Eric Clapton And The Cream Pacific Coliseum Vancouver 1968

Vancouver, British Columbia
$2,000 Cash Rare Cream Concert postersr
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Date: June 2, 1968
Poster: Heavy Cardboard
Size: 14x22

This is a great boxing style concert poster featuring Eric Clapton and The Cream at The Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, Canada. The poster features a great image of the band and differs from most Cream posters in that the poster is printed in the fillmore era style format as opposed to the usual San Francisco psychedelic style. This poster was also used for the The Cream’s performance in either Portland or Seattle.

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