Avalon Ballroom 10/27-29/67

Catalog No. FD-89

This Rick Griffin-designed poster was used for a series of shows at the Avalon Ballroom in October 1967. This image was printed twice; the original, first print poster is very scarce and difficult to find in high grade.

The original poster was printed on uncoated index stock and measures approximately 14″ x 20″. Original posters do not have the scratches that the second prints have.

The second print poster was printed two-up on double-sized sheets of uncoated index stock. Both measure approximately 14″ x 21″. While the length alone identifies reprints, some have been trimmed to the length of the originals. Second print posters have scratches that are visible under close inspection. All second prints have a ″ long faint scratch running diagonally up to the upper right corner beginning ⅜″ above the “T” in “concert.” Some second print posters have an additional scratch located in the panel with the hook and chain hoisting the Family Dog logo. It begins about ″ inch from the left side of the panel and extends upward and slightly to the right.

The postcard comes in three varieties, all of which measure approximately 5″ x 7″:

The Type A card has a “place stamp here” reverse.

The Type B card has a bulk rate permit on the back.

The Type C card has a bulk rate permit on the back and was mechanically addressed and sent to people on the Family Dog mailing list.



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