Avalon Ballroom 6/3-4/66

Catalog No. FD-11

This poster was the first Family Dog poster designed by Victor Moscoso, and is known as the “Stone Facade.” The central image is a photograph of a gargoyle from the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Although designed by Moscoso, this poster does not bear his signature; he was dissatisfied with the printed piece. This poster is quite scarce today in top condition, although the second print posters are very available and inexpensive.

The original poster was printed on white vellum in gray and black ink. It measures approximately 13 1/2" x 20".

The second print poster was printed on uncoated index stock and measures approximately 13" x 20 1/2". It carries the notation “No. 11-2” in the lower right corner.

There is also a forgery that was printed in the 1970s that carries the notation “San Francisco Poster Co.” in the lower right corner.

The original handbill is printed on white paper in black ink and measures approximately 8 1/2" x 11".


Original Poster

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Original Poster
Condition: Fine +
Notes: Tack holes in each corner, a bit of tape residue and a horizontal fold that is well hidden. Quite scarce!



Second Print Poster
Condition: Near Mint



Original Handbill
Condition: Near Mint/Near Mint -
Notes: A few tiny age spots on the edge.



Original Handbill
Condition: CGC Grade 9.6 Near Mint +
Notes: Signed by Victor Moscoso
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