Led Zeppelin Boxing Style Concert Posters


Led Zeppelin Portland Memorial Coliseum 1972

Portland, Oregon
$3,000 Cash For Led Zeppelin
Concert Posters
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Date: June 17, 1972
Poster: Thick Stock Paper
Size: 14"x22"
Printer: Trane Printing Company, Washington

This Led Zeppelin concert poster was produced for the Portland Coliseum show. It is boxing style poster printed on thick stock paper. Not thick cardboard. This poster design was used at two other 1972 concerts in Tucson and Seattle. The poster was printed by Trane Printing Company and is approximately 14 x 22 inches in size.

Led Zeppelin Veteran's Memorial Coliseum 1969

Jacksonville, Florida
$3,000 Cash For Led Zeppelin
Concert Posters
Call 303-670-3212

Date: August 24, 1969
Poster: Thick cardboard
Size: 14"x22"
Printer: Miami, Florida

This 1969 Led Zeppelin boxing style concert poster was from their first tour in the U.S and was for the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum in Jacksonville,Florida. The poster is printed on thick cardboard and measures approximately 14×22. It was printed in Miami,Florida. The poster features a great promo shot of the band that was later used on many other Led zeppelin concert posters. I will pay $3,000 cash for this or any other 1969-72 rare led zeppelin concert poster. Please call 303-670-3212

$3,000 Reward For Zeppelin Boxing Style Concert Posters


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