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Posters have been part of the music and art scene since there have been venues advertising shows. In the 1890s in France, poster art became an art form. In America, poster art was more commercial and more utilitarian. Posters used bright color and large fonts to attract the attention of people walking by or driving by in their carriages.

The first boxing style posters were used to advertise boxing matches. Louis Armstrong shows in the 1920s had boxing style concert posters. The posters showcased each boxer and include venue name, address, show dates and ticket cost. One or two hundred were printed and hung on telephone poles and local stores to advertise the event. Leftover posters were thrown away. The top boxing style printers in the 1950s and 1960s were Hatch Show Print in Nashville, Murray Poster Printing Company in New York and Globe Posters in Baltimore. Most large cities had local printers the produced boxing style posters for local events.

Many rock and roll shows in the 1950s and 1960s used many of the same arenas and coliseums where boxing matches were held. It was natural for these venues to call Hatch, Murray, Globe, or a local print shop to have boxing style rock concert posters produced for an upcoming Biggest Show of Stars, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, or Janis Joplin show. Some posters produced for these shows were colorful and attractive. More importantly they bring back memories or make someone wish they had been at the concert. This is why boxing style rock n roll concert posters are collected.


Alan Freed Big Beat Akron Armory Boxing Style Concert Poster 1958

Akron, Ohio
$5,000 1950s Big Beat Concert Posters
Call 303-670-3212

Date: April 30. 1958
Poster: Heavy Cardboard
Size: 17x22
Printer: Murray Poster Printing Company, NYC

Alan Freed, a Cleveland based DJ at WJW radio, was a legendary concert promoter/radio DJ that brought the latest and greatest talent to the midwest with some excursions to the east coast. Freed coined the word rock n roll. This tour featured many great acts of the day including Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Hawley is willing to pay $5,000 cash for this or any other vintage 1950’s Buddy Holly or Alan Freed concert posters. Please call 303-670-3212.


Little Stevie Wonder / Marvin Gaye Motortown Revue Toledo Sports Arena Concert Poster 1963

Toledo, Ohio
$3,000 Cash For Biggest Show of Stars and Motortown Revue Concert Poster
Call 303-670-3212

Date: November 5. 1963
Poster: Heavy Cardboard
Printer: Globe Poster Company, Baltimore, Maryland

Here is a great looking vintage/original 1963 Motortown Revue boxing style cardboard concert poster featuring Little Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Martha and the Vandells. This particular poster advertises a concert at the Sports Arena in Toledo, Ohio. What a great Motown lineup and the colors are just great! The poster is printed on thick board by Globe Poster Company out of Baltimore, Maryland. The Motown Revue Tour featured many different acts, traveling city to city in a bus!! I will pay $3,000 cash for any original/vintage Biggest Show Of Stars and/or Motortown Revue concert posters. Please call 303-670-3212


Buddy Holly Greatest Teenage Recording Stars Of 1958

Buffalo, New York
$5,000 For Buddy Holly Greatest Teenage Recording Stars concert postersr
Call 303-670-3212

Date: January 18, 1958
Poster: Heavy Cardboard
Size: 22x28
Printer: Globe Poster Company, Baltimore, Maryland

This great boxing style poster featuring Buddy Holly And The Crickets, The Everly Brothers, and Eddie Cochran. The concert was held on January 19, 1958 at the Paramount Theater in Buffalo, New York. This was a short lived 2 week tour called the greatest teenage recording stars of 1958. The poster is extremely attractive and features great graphics and images of the bands. The poster was printed by the Globe Poster Company of Baltimore, Maryland and measures 22×28 inches. I will pay $5,000 cash for Buddy Holly Greatest Teenage Recording Stars concert posters. Please call 303-670-3212


Biggest Show Of Stars Concert Poster Featuring Buddy Holly, Fats Domino, Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry Topeka Kansas Concert Poster 1957

Topeka, Kansas
$3,000 Original 1950's and 60's Biggest Show Of Stars Concert Posters
Call 303-670-3212

Date: November 5, 1957
Poster: Heavy Cardboard
Size: 17"x22"

Here is a 1957 Biggest Show Of Stars 17×22 concert poster featuring Buddy Holly and the Crickets, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran and a whole host of other musical talents from the 1950s. These Biggest Show Of Stars Tours were divided up in summer, fall, winter and spring. The acts forĀ each edition would change depending who was on tour at the time. These posters were often printed in to sizes either 17×22 or 22×28. Buddy Holly played on both the Biggest Show Of Stars For 1957 and The Biggest Show Of Stars for 1958. The posters were printed on thick cardboard and were hung locally to advertise the upcoming concerts. The Biggest Show Of Stars Tours ran from 1957 through 1967. Andrew will pay $3,000 cash for any of the original 1950’s and 60’s Biggest Show Of Stars concert posters. Please call 303-670-3212


Little Richard Mcelroys Ballroom Portland 1957

Portland, Oregon
$2,000 Cash for 1957-1959 Little Richard Concert Posters

Date: June 6, 1957
Poster: Heavy Cardboard
Size: 14x22
Printer: Tighlman Press, Oakland, California

This is a great boxing style concert poster featuring the great Little Richard at Mcelroys Ballroom in Portland, Oregon. The poster measures 14×22 and was printed by the Tighlman Press of Oakland, California. This poster features a vibrant orange color similar to the posters printed by Globe Posters based in Baltimore. This particular poster layout was used for many Little Richard tours throughout the country in 1957. I will pay $2,000 cash for any 1957-1959 original/vintage Little Richard 1954-59 concert poster. Please call 303-670-3212

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Elvis Presley
Buddy Holly
Rolling Stones
Janis Joplin
Bob Dylan
Greatful Dead
Stevie Wonder
Buddy Holly
Little Richard
Jimi Hendrix
The Doors


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