Avalon Ballroom 3/21/69

Catalog No. AOR-2.31

After the Family Dog left the Avalon Ballroom, a new company named Soundproof Productions held a few shows there. This poster was used to promote a show that featured Santana and the Sons of Champlin. It is well known for the fun, central graphic of a guitar-playing lion riding a surfboard. This particular poster was printed on a very cheap stock and is plagued with problems. The paper is very prone to aging and the ink is fragile and shows wear easily, so finding a clean copy can be quite a challenge. It seems appropriate that this poster should have a printing credit that reads “Rip Off Press!”

The original poster was printed on very thin white stock and measures approximately 14″ x17″.


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Original Poster
Condition: Near Mint/Near Mint -
Notes: As nice as these come!
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