Golden Gate Park 1/14/67

Catalog No. AOR-2.217

The Human Be-In is generally considered to be one of the most important events in the hippie/counter culture movement. It was held at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and featured “All S. F. Rock Groups,” including the Grateful Dead, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Country Joe & The Fish, Quicksilver Messenger Service, as well as Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, and Jerry Rubin. Several different posters and handbills were made for the event, with this one being designed by Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley. Another design was produced by Rick Griffin and is known as AOR 2.215.

The original poster was printed on white stock and measures approximately 14″ x 20″. All original posters bear a printing credit that reads “The Bindweed Press, San Francisco.”

The second print poster was printed on white stock and measures approximately 23″ x 29″. This poster was printed in several colors and therefore looks completely different than the original.

The third print poster is a hand-printed silk screen on thick white stock. These measure approximately 23″ x 31″ and were part of an edition of 300 done by Stanley Mouse. All are signed and numbered by Mouse.

There is a forgery of this poster, done by the San Francisco Poster Company in the 1970s. These have a “San Francisco Poster Company” credit on the lower edge.

The original handbill was printed on thin white stock and measures approximately 8″ x 11″.



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Original Poster
Condition: CGC Grade 9.8 Near Mint/Mint
Notes: Signed by Mouse and Kelley. There is also the notation "To Marguerite, Love Kelley written on the back.



Second Print Poster



Third Print Poster



Original Handbill
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