Various Venues 10/16, 10/28 & 10/30/79

Catalog No. AOR-4.60

In the late 1970s, there was an effort by the COYOTE organization to legalize prostitution. Over the course of several years, there was a series of events held to draw attention to the cause. These events were known as “The Queen of Hearts Ball,” “Masquerade Ball,” and most commonly, the “Hookers Ball.” This poster was created by Randy Tuten and D. Bread for the last of these events — the one known as the “Masquerade Ball.” It is a beautiful, oversized poster that features a woman in a fringed wrap holding a mask. This was actually a three-part event; the first part was held in New York City; the second in San Francisco; and the last part in Los Angeles.

The original poster was printed on white stock and measures approximately 20″ x 28″.

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