Oakland Stadium 7/23/77

Catalog No. AOR-4.50

Days on the Green were special events produced by Bill Graham in the early 1970s to accommodate the growing number of fans that were needed to make concerts financially viable. The larger number of concert-goers necessitated larger venues starting with Kezar Stadium in 1973, and eventually growing to the Oakland Coliseum Stadium.

This Led Zeppelin concert is famous for a behind-the-scenes scuffle that sent some of the Bill Graham staff to the hospital and further deepened the dislike that Graham had for Led Zeppelin and its personal security force.

Shortly after this concert, Robert Plant’s young son died unexpectedly and Led Zeppelin was forced to cancel the remainder of its American tour.

Unfortunately, there is a pretty decent bootleg of this poster out there that shows up on EBay with some regularity. The main differences between an original and the bootleg are as follows: The back ground on the original is not a dark black but rather a bluish/gray - the bootleg is a true black. The mountain range in the background is purple on the original and nearly black on the bootleg. The long stripes that run diagonally across the bottom of the illustration are primarily green on the original and nearly black on the bootleg. Last, the lettering below the concert dates is medium red on the original and a brownish/pink on the bootleg. The bootlegs are printed on nearly identical paper as the original and are difficult to tell apart if you are unfamiliar with the poster. Just be aware that the bargain priced ones you will find on EBay are bootlegs 99% of the time. As the saying goes: “There is no Santa Claus” and originals are worth real money.

The original poster was printed on white stock and measures approximately 19″ x 28″.

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