Moore Gallery 7/67

Catalog No. AOR-2.351

Opened on July 17, 1967 at the Moore Gallery in San Francisco, the Joint Show was the first of its kind. It featured the so called “big five” of the prominent psychedelic poster artists, all displayed at a single show. Each of the five artists, Wes Wilson, Rick Griffin, Victor Moscoso, Alton Kelley and Stanley Mouse created a poster exclusively for this show. These works of art are listed in “The Art of Rock” as numbers 2.347 - 2.351.

We are changing the descriptions of all Joint Show posters as of 4/18 due to information that has come to light regarding the printing history of these posters. The person primarily responsible for the misinformation regarding these posters is a dealer with a dubious reputation. It is our opinion that the information he disseminated regarding these posters was done so solely to increase the value of over 4000 joint show posters without the "First Edition 1200" credit which he owned in or around 2006. We purchased a large quantity from him at this time and he sold the remainder to Wolfgang’s Vault shortly thereafter; all were represented by him as first prints. After exhaustive research, including discussions with the artists, it is our opinion that there were only two types of posters printed for the show; the glossy ones that have the "First Edition 1200" credit in the lower margin and the foil versions.

It is an established fact that the only posters that the artists signed at the show had the edition credit. It is also an established fact the Norman Moore reprinted these posters after the show without the edition credit. What the above referenced dealer claimed was that there were also posters without the credit printed right along with the ones with the credit, all in a pre-show press run. Of course, none of the 4000+ posters he owned had a credit. Draw your own conclusion.

The Type 1 Original poster was printed on glossy white stock and measures approximately 22" x 28". These carry a credit in the lower margin that reads "First Edition 1200".

The Type 1 second print poster was printed on glossy white stock and measures approximately 22" x 28". These do not have the “edition” credit.

Slightly larger untrimmed posters also exist.




Second Print Poster

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Second Print Poster - Type 1
Condition: Near Mint
Notes: Glossy Stock
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