Matrix ,The Matrix 11/28-12/1/66

Catalog No. AOR-2.108

This is a very scarce Grateful Dead poster from The Matrix, a tiny venue that held around 100 people. The show dates were November 28 through December 1, 1966 and the poster was designed by RAL Cards, Etc. with a drawing by Heinrich Kley.

The original poster is printed on white stock and measures approximately 14¾" x 17".

At least one dealer sells bootlegs of this poster on eBay, claiming they are genuine. These have a slight green cast to them and are not an authorized second print as he claims.

In late 2017, a new bootleg appeared on the market that is quite deceptive. It is printed on a smooth cream colored stock and there is substantial loss of detail in the drawings by Heinrich Kley. In addition, the Berkeley Free Press logo in the lower right is blurred on the fake, but is crisp and readable on the original. These are good enough to have fooled a couple of the less than knowledgeable dealers out there.

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