Headshop Poster Circa 1967

Catalog No. AOR-2.190

This very scarce and popular Grateful Dead poster was not used to promote any musical event, but rather it was designed to hang in the windows of head shops around the country. It was the first of a couple of translucent plastic posters printed by Berkeley Bonaparte, but was a short-lived experiment as the plastic that the posters were printed on pretty much fell apart when exposed to sunlight. In addition, the ink that was used on these was very sensitive to light and faded very rapidly. As a result, these are usually seen with some yellowing, brittleness, cracks, fading, or other damage.

Fortunately, there was a very small hoard of six to seven posters that survived in mint condition and virtually every nice copy you will see is from that hoard. Including the hoard, we estimate that less than 10 of this beautiful poster exist in NM or better condition.

The original poster was printed on clear plastic and measures approximately 15" x 21".

Original Poster

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Original Poster
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