Longshoreman's Hall 6/23/71

Catalog No. AOR-4.13

This rare poster was used to promote a Hells Angels event to benefit the Clap Clinic. The concert was held at the Longshoremen's Hall and featured local bands plus a Bob Holt light show. The poster was designed by Randy Tuten and features a grim looking field of skulls with a swastika.

This poster was printed in two versions-the normal red version and a version with no red at all. When these were printed, the red pass was made first, then the black. The black and white version is the result of Tuten and the printer putting a few sheets of white paper through the press when this pass was being made. The black and white version is very rare. Both of these carry a printing credit in the bottom left corner that reads "Printed by THE COMPANY & SONS".

In addition to the two original printings, there are at least two bootlegs of this poster. The commonly seen one is a lighter red color than the original. It has the same printing credit as the original but can be differentiated by the lack of a dot pattern in the skull at the top. In addition, the wings on that skull are not pure white on the bootleg. The second bootleg/reprint carries a printing credit that reads "HAMC 1967-1985" and was probably printed by the Angels around 1985. The printing quality of this bootleg/reprint is poor.

The Type 1 original poster was printed on white stock and measures approximately 11⅜" x 20".

The Type 2 original poster was printed on white stock and measures approximately 11⅜" x 20". This type is missing the red ink.


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