Longshoreman's Hall 1/21-23/66

Catalog No. AOR 2.42

Organized by Stewart Brand and held at Longshoreman’s Hall in January 1966, the Trips Festival is perhaps the most famous of the early events of the psychedelic era. Stewart Brand was an early Prankster who went on to publish the Whole Earth Catalog. The Grateful Dead and Big Brother & The Holding Company provided the music. Ken Kesey acted as ringmaster while the audience danced, and a bag of LSD was passed around. Bill Graham ran around the hall with a clipboard trying to create a sense of order amidst the chaos. This famous design was created by Wes Wilson and features a schedule of events on the back. While this is one of the more common acid test handbills, it is very difficult to find in high grade.

The original handbill is printed on thin white stock and measure approximately 6½" x 9½". There is a schedule of events printed on the back.


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AOR 2.42


Original Handbill
Condition: CGC Grade 9.8 Near Mint/Mint
Notes: Superb. The only specimen graded at this level by CGC

AOR 2.42


Original Handbill - Reverse
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