Hilton Hotel, San Francisco 4/7-9/67

Catalog No. AOR-2.365

This classic Stanley Mouse image was used to promote the 10th Biennial Wilderness Conference held by the Sierra Club at the Hilton Hotel in San Francisco. These posters come in two variations; one is printed in black, green, and yellow, while the other is black and green with a silver-colored background. There has been much discussion over the years regarding which of these posters were printed first. It is generally agreed that the version with the yellow background was printed first and the black and green version second. This seems to be backed up by Stanley Mouse, who says that he hated the yellow version when he saw it and that he had it reprinted.

There are several versions of this poster. The primary indicator between first and second prints is the size of the image. On all first print posters, the image area measures 13 5/8” x 19 1/16”. On the second prints, the image area is slightly smaller, 13 1/2” x 18 15/16”. This is due to the second prints being printed from a different plate.

The Type 1 original poster is printed on vellum and measures approximately 13 ⅞” x 20″. This type is printed in black, green, and yellow and has a Bindweed Press credit on the lower left. Some copies of this measure closer to 14¼” and have a wide left-hand border.

The Type 2 original poster is printed on vellum and measures approximately 13 ⅞” x 20″. This type is printed in black and green with no yellow printing. These do not have the Bindweed Press printing credit.

The second print poster was printed on white stock in black and green and measures approximately 13¾” x 19⅞”. On occasion, these will have some yellow tint, but it is not strong. These were apparently produced and sold by Berkeley Bonaparte and also lack the Bindweed credit.

There are also a large number of progressive proof posters printed in black ink only. These exist for both printings, so it is necessary to measure the image to determine which they are from.

Last, there is a black, yellow, and green poster that carries a "San Francisco Poster Co." credit at the bottom. These are bootlegs.


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